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Birthday: 11 July 2009
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

 Happy that finally our flat is ready! HLE took longer cuz of some issue. But it have been approved and key collection is on the way! Cant wait to open up that door!

So that day we went to IMM to window shop some furniture and accessories.  Shortlisted items. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

As we are counting down to the last 5 days of Yati's arrival, she dropped us a bomb saying that her husband and family do not allow her to come back.

I am very upset and angry. We trusted her so much, we let her take every single cent home, I even gave her a phone, renewed her passport, work permit & an angbao of $100 before she leave. If it is really that her husband and family do not allow her to come back at all, then she would still bother to keep in contact with us. But no, she MIA, and this news was not even told to us by her. It was told to us by a neighbour who was close to her.

Now we are sourcing for new maid and told that it need 2 months for the maid new to arrive. How great is this.

This 2nd half of the year sucks. Now Darius is Full Time at the Student Care and Kerine is taken care by a nanny at Tampines.

Sigh. How worst can it get.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Been almost 3 weeks without helper! Yati had went home on the 1st Sep to prepare for her upcoming wedding, which will be held tomorrow!
She will only be back on 5 Oct. Most of the time, I am alone because hubby gotta work 6 days a week and on weekends too. He now sleeps with Darius while I sleep with Kerine. So little time together.
Been almost 3 weeks without helper & I really start to appreciate the times when we have her! It is much better. Darius is temp in the student care after school, while Kerine I have to bring to work as I cannot find a affordable temp caregiver for her.
It's been a crazy 1st week. Having to take care of the kids full time + work + household chores.
Coming to 3 weeks, we are better now and close a blind eyes to most of the things, like mess that Darius made.
I have lost a few inch 2 weeks after Yati leave. I wonder how many KG I had actually lost. LOL.
Now can't wait for her to be back!
Updates on the Darius - still as ever. He can talk non-stop whole day & sometimes I feel like strangling myself. LOL. I need to learn to be more patient towards him. He is too imaginative and can talk forever. He can't keep quiet - except for when he's on his Ipad. But even then, sometimes he still ask and ask and ask. And when you don't answer, he will still continue to talk and ask question.
Updates on Kerine - Still as chubby as ever. Still not flipping, crawling. Am already trying to sit and stand with support. More baby language now. & she is turning 6 months on Monday! I had already gone thru 6 month of breast feeding, and solid is gonna come knocking on the door on Monday. Avocado will be the 1st food. Because I will be in the office and it's the easiest food to feed her with in the office! I hope she like it.
She have also been referred to KKH due to overweight issue. What else. I am not really bothered. But since they want to refer, I just took the referral letter - we all know that the referral appointment is forever. So the appointment is on the 22 Oct while her next jab appointment is on 8 Oct. I believe we can confirm again if she still requires the appointment on the next visit.
That's all for now!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweetheart is already 5 months old!  
Time flies. I can still clearly remember when I just found out I'm pregnant. 
In another month's time will be introducing solid to her. 
Previously wanted to do BLW. But after that don't know if I should do full BLW. 
So after much consideration and advise from other mummies, I'm gonna introduce both to her. 

She can hold a carrot stick, banana etc for snack. And we can spoon feed her purees to let her get use to spoon feeding. 
How wonderful would that be? 

Yati is leaving for Indonesia for a month next week. 
Darius will have to go to the student care for a month while I'd applied for half day everyday so that I can prepare him and send him off to school. 
As for Kerine, I can't find anyone trustworthy to take care of her. 
So I'm gonna bring her to work. 

1 month of full time working mum and a maid at home gonna start officially next week. 
I think I can't wait for Yati to be back even before she go. 

What Else can I ask for? A loving hubby and 2 adorable kiddos.  my previous and sweetheart <3

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Darius adores his meimei very much. 
Always must disturb her then he happy. 
Always planting kisses on her even when she's sleeping until she wakes up >.<
He also can't stop touching her little feets, hands and fatty thigh. LOL

They always says every child is different. I agree. 
But I have never experience it until Kerine. 
The difference between Darius & Kerine is not just the weight and size. 
Even their needs & wants, development are all different. 

Kerine was born big. Still big now. LOL. 
Her head is stable when we hold her upright since 2 months old, while darius was still wobbling at 4 months old. 
Darius flipped when he was 5 months old. Not sure if Kerine is gonna flip at 5 months old because I tried putting her on tummy. She still cant really lift up her head. 
Darius can sit up unsupported for awhile at 6 months old. Kerine already am doing that at 4 months old! 
How different are they! 

Darius never need a pacifier. Kerine is taking the pacifier now. 
Pacifier really works wonder! She will cry and cry before she sleeps. 
Now pop the pacifier in and it will do the job. 
Just a bit of rocking and swaying, she will fall asleep soon. 

I admit that I have been lazy with Kerine. 
I don't put in as much effort as I do with Darius. 
Spare me please, I am not favoring any of them. 
I brought him into this world on my own, I dote on him & I spoil him. 
But now as he's older, he's always pissing me off & being so naughty that I also go screaming at him. 
I have a part to blame, for spoiling him this much. 
But not much pictures of him because he always cannot stay still & refuse to take nice picture.

On the other hand, Kerine is so cute & chubby. 
And while still young, you can snap all the pictures u want! 
They won't reject, they can't run. They can't do anything. Hehe! 
Though I am not as hands on with Kerine as much as with Darius, I still love Kerine very much. 

Both are my flesh & blood. 
Both are my babies. 
I love them all the same (: 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Been wanting to blog again. But got heart no power. 
Shall regarding to update more regularly.  

Darius had been complaining of stomach ache with fever since Thursday. 
Fever wasn't consistent. 
Maybe only every morning. 
On Saturday it was so made that he squatted at where we were and tell me he's having bad tummy ache and laosai 3-4 times in total. 

Observed for the weekend and until Monday, he's having fever only in the week hours. Asked my dad to bring him to see the dr on Tuesday and he told me dr just said 'gastric not good'. Fever start to be consistent until today, no fever no tummy ache. Now my little boy is well again. 

Didn't update on Kerine's 4th month check! 
She weigh 9.7kg! Champion!  
Now I know why my shoulder is aching so badly.  

Some pictures of the prince and princess. 
Will update soon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to work! 

2nd week back to work full time. Work have been hectic. Clearing all the shits that the girl had left behind and also coping with 4 pumps while in the office. Have been reaching office earlier so that I can pump before work and leave on the dot. 

Lugging a huge FTG, my bag & 2 pumps to work daily. No joke. In a blink of eyes, Kerine is already 3 months old. Meaning, I am halfway to my goal of TBF for 6 months! Another 3 more months to go.I am sure I can do it. 

I love my pouty girl. So so so cute. & she is so fat. I couldn't stop commenting everytime I see her. Fatty fatty!! 

Brought her to polyclinic for her 3 months jab. 5in1 is now free at polyclinic! Took 5in1 and pneumococcal at the same time. 1 jab at each leg. Development is well except for her earrings. There's ear wax in the ear. Given drip and to review in 4 weeks time during her 4th month's jab. Not sure if it's really an issue with her hearing or she just too excited with the toy that's districting her. 

Overall, she is >97% in her growth! 
Height: 62.8cm 
Weight: 8.6kg (Win Darius by 1.5kg!)
HC: 42.5cm

We are approaching July... & that means... Darius's is turning 4! 

Next big event, his birthday party!